Tristan Cross is the ‘mastermind’ behind Perez Shilton. This magnificent oeuvre of celebrated football musings has seen him pick up many an award throughout the sporting world. More specifically, his FA Level 1 Award in Coaching Football, and in hindsight, this blog may or may not have had anything to do with it.

One of Perez Shilton’s primary arts is being able to masquerade its work behind this thin veneer of humour, utilising the devastating combo of a moderately amusing pun and the image of a respectable England legend to maximum effect. Under this guise, it is able to straddle between a variety of topics; from footballing news and opinion, to scandalous gossip, whilst managing to avoid potential reprisals by being beholden to neither in particular. As such, far too many visitors flock to the site, expecting one of the aforementioned but getting the other. Sometimes they aren’t even disappointed…

Occasionally, references to sports betting, odds and statistics will arise. All statistics are extracted from an outside company, and are in no way affiliated with Perez Shilton or Tristan. Before taking part in any betting related practice, be sure to check out the sports betting rules (clickable) before acting on any of the information provided on this site.

Finally, if you would like to contact Tristan and congratulate him on his marvellous work, or alternately berate him/posit a question/ask a favour (no ponzi schemes, please), you can email him here: Perez Shilton[at]gmail[dot]com.

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2 thoughts on “About

  1. I saw CBA Man down the local. He is upset Rafa is shagging a priest on a mountain of sugar! Better than being crapped on by seagulls – ohh that was eric. Great blog – why did you move to wordpress?

    • aye, he can often be found weeping into his pints about the footballing issues of the day, currently his favourite topic to down his sorrows to is the absence of the Peter Brackley/Trevor Brooking commentating powerhouse combo.
      i moved because oleole essentially became a website of links to arabic sites which streamed live games and i felt much how someone trying to present something next to giant pop ups of female, and the occasional male, genitals must; cheap and irrelevant. i decided that i could achieve both of these things without all the links to said streaming sites on my own so set up this wordpress. enjoy :D

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